Hey I’ve got a dumb question.

My iPod is downloading iOS 8 but I use it as an alarm.

If I let it update while I’m asleep, will it immediately resume regular function & function properly as my alarm?

It is so heartbreaking seeing boys with curly hair get their hair all fucked up for a stupid ass tv show.

Like so many makeup/hair folks seem to think “yeah this guy has beautiful luscious curly hair lets gel this shit down”

ill come be your girlfriend. we’ll double date it. holds hands and stuffs. watch movies. eat snacks.

She probably wouldn’t even mind because we’d be so fuckin cute

I ordered my Halloween so costume and I’m so jazzed up

heyyy I know you guys think “haha cyber bullying isn’t real just turn off your computer” is funny but it’s not. It’s just a stupid form of victim-blaming. People shouldn’t be forced out of any space by bullying. Especially since most people look for safe spaces online when they don’t feel that they have one online.

So yeah cyber bullying is real bullying and it might be forcing someone out of the only space that they felt comfortable.

I love my roommate but she invited her boyfriend to spend the night without giving me a heads up first and that’s my absolute least favorite thing

I think we’re going to have to have a talk and that’s going to awkward



Why do religious people always feel the need to remind the entire class that they’re religious?

probably because they view it as an important part of their identity.

Yeah when any part of a student’s identity becomes relevant to class discussion that will be an appropriate excuse

but until then it’s not necessary

I’ve measured the length I want this dress I’m getting to be a million times but I’m convinced I did it wrong still